Expanded Aluminum Mesh Bulk Media Roll 19-1/2 x 50' NO Frame 1/4" Thickness


 Expanded Aluminum Mesh Bulk Media Roll 19-1/2 x 50' NO Frame 1/4" Thickness

Aluminum expanded mesh with filtering media primarily consisting of layers of aluminum, slip and expanded into mesh of differing densities and with hundreds of baffle-like surfaces.


Aluminum material is made of many layers of baffles, bonded together to create a solid pad.

 Aluminum mesh bulk media, the 1/4" mesh is 5 layers of expanded aluminum which are bonded together. Bonded Aluminum material that consists of many layers of tiny baffles, bonded together to make up a solid pad. This filter expanded media element will retain 204 grams of dust per 2.25 sq. ft. (20x20 cut peice) of filter media with an average arrestance of 71.5%. Resistance when clean is 0.4 w.g. at 350 FPM. There are many uses for the BONDED "A" filter. A few of these are range hoods, microwaves, grease filters, ceiling vent fans, auto air conditioners, central air conditioners, computer environment systems, electronic air cleaners, range hood fans, room air conditioners, and wall heaters.

Holding Capacity: 48.7 grams / sq ft @ 350 FPM
Resistance @ 350 cfm = .08 w.c.
Arrestance : 60.2% @ 350 FPM
Maximum Temperature 225 Degrees F

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