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Expanded Aluminum Mesh (Bulk)

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The EXPANDED ALUMINUM has many uses. Some of these include a filter for a kitchen hood exhausts, ceiling vent fans, auto air conditioners, bus and truck heaters and central airconditioners. They can also be used in computer environment systems, rangehood filters, electronic air cleaners, electronic equipment ventilating .windows., farm cab air conditioners,heating equipment, recirculating systems, range hood fans, room air conditioners and wall heaters.

WASHING: ALUMINUM EXPANDED MESH may be cleaned by washing in a sink with a sprayer. A mild detergentcan be used. When impurities less tacky than grease are to be trapped, the filters should be coated with Filter Spray to increase efficiency. The spray allows the baffle surfaces of the mesh to remove and hold more dirt, dust and other impurities from the air. As with all Aluminum filters, a strong alkali solution should not be used to clean the filters.

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