About Us


We are a family owned and operated filter manufacturing and master distributor of of all types of filters.

One thing is for sure, our customers come first and we do our BEST to make sure our pricing as low as we can.

We care about our country and have a great concern with the direction our world has gone. In effort to help, we donate time/money to many causes from Churches to Families who art hurting in our community, and work with people that are ill from drug/alcohol addictions.

Since we started this business in 2002 we have been blessed with having building many relationships with our customers accross the country. Our customers are homeowners, United States Armed Forces, Department of Energy, etc.

We feel so lucky to be able to have a life mission to help others. Please know that your business counts and we care.

Thank you for your business, Supporting American Industry that Supports Americans.

Best Regards,

The Air Filter Factory-TTN Inc. Family